Are You in the Recovery Stage of Addiction?

Learn how to turn around that urgent, out-of-control feeling so you can confidently manage your cravings in just 30 days--even if you've tried other methods and failed.

This simple but effective method lowers your immediate craving within minutes so that you can easily abstain from food, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs and enjoy a more balanced life!

energy tappingHi, I’m Cathryn Taylor, a licensed counselor, certified Pro-EFT practitioner and author of the bestselling, Inner Child  Workbook I understand that uncomfortable, uncontrollable feeling that occurs during the recovery stages of addiction, compulsive behaviors and substance abuse problems.

We may eat too much; drink, drug or smoke too much; love, shop, work, gamble or worry too much

Soon we find ourselves living out of fear rather than faithcompulsion rather than choice

But it doesn’t have to be that way

                                     There is a solution– “The Interactive Tapping™ Solution”

And, the best part is you can use this technique anywhere or anytime you need it…at a home, at work or out socializing.

If you’re struggling with cravings or withdrawal symptoms and worried that your recovery won’t last then “The Interactive Tapping Solution™” is for you.

Have you ever thought …      

  • I’m not sure I can get through recovery on my own–every time I try I tapping
  • I wish there were an easier way to handle my jumpy anxiety.
  • What’s wrong with me?  Why am I so different than everyone else?
  • Isn’t there something I can do right now to help my cravings?

Listen, your addictions and compulsions, no matter if it’s gambling, shopping, sugar, alcohol, worry or whatever, are connected with your emotions and fueled by your bio-chemical imbalances which trigger cravings. 

It’s these cravings and the underlying issues that Interactive Tapping™ addresses and addresses quickly.

Imagine if you could…

  • Learn a few simple steps you could use whenever you felt your craving kicking tapping
  • Befriend that addict within you instead of being at his or her mercy.
  • Break the cycle of fear, procrastination and anxiety and gracefully relax into recovery.
  • Feel in charge of your response to compulsive behavior when it pops up.
  • Actually look forward to living your new, calm and self-assured life.

Imagine having just a little bit more confidence.

Confidence to enjoy time with your family and friends without the worry. Without the worry of indulging in that second piece of cake or that drink or betting on the game or finding a place to smoke a cigarette or buying that dress you don’t need or…you name it.

Imagine the freedom more faith and confidence would bring to your life.

If you’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked to empower you to live your life fully then The Interactive Tapping™ Solution is for you!


Simply stated, it is a do-it-yourself version of acupuncture without the needles.

Instead, you stimulate energy points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. Tapping on specific trigger points of the body sends an electrical impulse to that part of the energy system.

Along with the tapping we “talk” you through what you’re feeling in the moment and step you down to a place of composure. You then learn to do it yourself.

The process is easy to use, the points simple to memorize and you can do it anywhere.

Our goal with energy tapping is to “neutralize” the energy associated with the craving and compulsive behavior. It essentially unties the knot of tension and enables you to experience the feeling of calm and peace.

Energy tapping releases the pressure.

There is hope. There is another choice.


energy tapping…you’re committed to recovery but worry about managing your emotions around cravings and triggers.

…you’ve hit a new low and want another approach to recovery.

…you’re about to lose the one thing you’re unwilling to live without but feel anxious about going through recovery alone.

…you’re finally ready to make the change!

In this 30-Day program I’ve integrated tapping into every stage of recovery so you are never alone in the process.


Here’s what you get when you order “The Interactive Tapping™ Solution” today…

30 Days of Interactive Tapping™ Support for Addictions and Compulsions a series of 30 short 8-10 interactive recoveryminute videosemailed to you dailyone a day for 30 days.  Each video leads you through a tapping sequence (even if you’ve never done it before) that helps you build a relationship with that addict within you so you can feel confident enough to live a life free from addiction. (It’s like having Cathryn right in your own living room for over 4 hours of instruction$500 value).

The Complete Interactive Tapping™ Video Playlist for Building a Self-Help Programaddresses the resistance to coming into treatment – to finding a sponsor – to even working each of the 12 Steps. 90 minutes of direct coaching for those issues which make early recovery so difficult! ($187.50  Value).

Life Beyond Confusion and Fear –Instant digital access to this 47-page digital Eft for recoveryeBook is packed with simple step-by-step descriptions of the three stages of addiction and recovery. Now you can easily understand where you have been and where you are going.  Included are practical exercises help you halt your addictive behavior, reconnect you with your forgotten values and your Higher Power..($39.95 Value)

Experience the balanced life you deserve–now! (Priceless!).

That’s over $727 Worth of Continuous Support!

In this special package you learn to MASTER the mechanics of energy tapping, experience the RESULTS, and CELEBRATE success at each stage of recovery.

 “Okay, Cathryn, I’m ready to take the next step in my recovery. I want to feel empowered and in charge for once in my life. Tell me what else I need to know.”

First, you know recovery takes commitment.  But, you wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t know that already. You will need to watch the daily videos and learn the tapping sequence but only take the next step if…

enrgy tapping

  • You’re ready to take part in your recovery so you can create a balanced, productive life.
  • You want a convenient, daily format that’s easy to follow.
  • You want to feel supported in your progress.
  • You’re willing to take action and complete the program so success is yours.
  • You desire to live a life of faith and choice.

…if your answer is YES, then take the next step now.
This program is regularly priced at only $177. (That’s a $550 savings!)
But for a limited time you can get the entire program (videos, playlist & the ebook) for
only $97

Let’s review.

  • You get 30 days of the Interactive Tapping™ Solution videos where we tap together and build a manageable relationship with your addiction.
  • You receive the playlist–90 minutes of direct coaching.
  • Instant access to the  Life Beyond Confusion and Fear ebook.
  • A self-confident new life!
    Total Value     $727.45   Just $177

Limited Time Offer –
Get the Entire Program for Just $97

I have been working with addictions for over twenty five years. And I know this combination of tapping and talking gets results.

Personally, I’ve used Interactive Tapping not only to manage my own addictive behaviors and emotions but to help alleviate my mother’s pain during her end-of-life transition. So I know from personal experience this process works.

 But don’t take it from me –


“This program eliminated my food cravings and empowered me to make more positive choices.”
Kari M., Minneapolis, MN
“Finally, I am experiencing some of the promises of recovery. Thank you Cathryn.”
Laurel K., Santa Cruz, CA
“Tapping cured the panic attacks that kept me active in my addiction.”
Jennifer T., Computer Analyst, Washington DC


You know in your heart that you’re ready to end the merry-go-round once and for all so let’s celebrate your achievement together.

It’s your time–right now— to enjoy a fulfilling, healthy and confident life. Imagine what could be possible for you!

Join me today if you know this is the answer you’ve been seeking. I guarantee this program can change your life if you use it as directed for 30 days. There’s no risk to you.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Just use the program as directed and if you’re not satisfied just contact me within 30 days and I’ll refund your money. I want you to succeed.

To your continuing success,

Pro-EFT Practitioner, Licensed Therapist

PS –Take a moment and imagine your life just 30 days from now. Are you still struggling with cravings? Lost? Angry at yourself for losing 30 more days of your life? Or, can you see yourself empowered, living a life free from addiction and thrilled to experience each new day? This is one decision you have control over…get rid of the struggle now.


Limited Time Offer –
Get the Entire Program for Just $97